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Following, some remarkable aspects of the CONTREX Eclipse Plug-in
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CONTREX Eclipse Plug-In is seamlessly integrated in a Eclipse-Papyrus modelling environment. In that context, the user benefits from the capabilities of Eclipse , and more specifically, of the Eclipse Modelling Framework.

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CONTREP automates the generation of all the input code required by the back-end tools supporting the targeted design activities. Moreover, CONTREP menu actions also enable to launch the design activities and inspect results, and information reports.

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CONTREP supports global and project-based configuration. The user controls different aspects regarding the behaviour of the validation, code-generation, compilation, simulation and design space exploration tools.


The CONTREX Eclipse Plugin is a tool which will improve your design productivity.
Complex system design requires the productivity boost provided by a synergistic combination of modelling, analysis and synthesis technologies

Complex system design requires the productivity boost provided by a synergistic combination of modelling, analysis and synthesis technologies. The CONTREX Eclipse Plug-in enables a front-end capable to link and merge key System-Level design activities. CONTREP enables a UML-MARTE based modelling methodology capable to feed a single source design approach. The produced UML/MARTE model contains all the information required by different analysis and design activities in a well structured manner. Moreover, CONTREP automates those tasks. Specifically, CONTREP code generators automate the extraction from the UML/MARTE model of the information required by the analysis tools. For instance, CONTREP enables the generation of the input required by MAST, a schedulabiltiy analysis tool. CONTREP also enables the automated generation of executable models for functional validation and for performance analysis. In the latter case, CONTREP automatically generates a VIPPE performance model. VIPPE relies on parallel native simulation technology, an advance technology for fast virtual platform simulation. CONTREP can also generate all the infrastructure required, and launch an automated Design Space Exploration. CONTREP also integrates code generators for SW synthesis (port of eSSYN).


The development of the CONTREX Eclipse plug-in has been possible thanks to the following funding projects and entities


CONTREX project
In the CONTREX project, an Eclipse plugin is developed. This plugin acts as front-end capable to validate a UML/MARTE model under the UC methodology, and to automatically generate code for performance estimation, DSE and other system-level design activities.

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